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Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Management for Auto Dealerships

Gain valuable business intelligence by connecting and analyzing all your dealership data streams. You’ll make more informed decisions and plan more effectively with the help of powerful business analytics visualization built on the proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft PowerBI Platforms.

  • Glean actionable analytics to drive your strategic planning

  • Aggregate and analyze large, complex and ever-changing pools of data across your enterprise, from other sources and among your rooftops

  • Manage and seamlessly share data throughout your company 

This is robust enterprise management designed for forward-thinking dealerships that want to continue to remain relevant as the industry evolves.


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Enhance Customer Care with Data Integration

Now you can truly own the end-to-end customer experience. Oxlo correlates complex data from your dealer systems, ancillary services, aftermarket businesses, warranty services and other sources. It then creates uniform customer records that can be shared and tracked across your enterprise, enabling all departments to accurately recognize and serve individual customers.

No more multiple records for the same person, lost leads and frustrated customers. Smooth, informed customer service builds loyalty, increases sales and spurs repeat business.


Oxlo GroupManager™

Oxlo GroupManager™ leverages data across your enterprise to drive robust business analytics in the areas of service, deals, customer experience, vehicles, parts and accounting. GroupManager utilizes visualization dashboards inherent to the Microsoft Cloud. Oxlo also supplies professional services and certification to get your solution up quickly and keep it running smoothly.

  • Built on the proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft PowerBI Platforms with business intelligence dashboards

  • Aggregates, shares, manages and analyzes large, complex and ever-changing pools of data across your enterprise and among rooftops


Founding Partner for Microsoft’s Automotive Accelerator

Recognizing that automotive retail is bound by proprietary vendors and closed systems that inhibit information exchange, Microsoft initiated the Microsoft Automotive Accelerator. As one of Microsoft’s founding partners in this effort, Oxlo is working to bring agility, openness and universal standards to the entire industry through a common data model.