Fast, Trouble-Free Data Integration Across Your Enterprise

Your development landscape is a knot of multiple entities, all with unique standards and requirements. Whether you’re a DSP integrating a tool into many DMSs or a DMS owner who needs to onboard tools and manage infrastructure, enterprisewide integration has never been easy.

Oxlo delivers the most cost-effective solution for connecting systems and simplifying integration. Along the way, we validate vendor tools and enable collection, sharing and managing data throughout your enterprise. You’ll see better interoperability and easier data sharing between various systems. And you’ll get a better understanding of your business performance metrics without a lot of effort.


Focus on What You Do Best

OEMs and dealers can eliminate the time-consuming and difficult tasks of internally building, maintaining and monitoring expensive system infrastructure.

  • Simplify with a cloud-based SaaS service

  • Employ a secure, reliable, scalable solution

  • Speed development times with a pre-built, open platform

  • Save on maintenance, personnel, updates and onboarding

  • As the originator, you retain ownership of all data

DSPs are free to develop tools without the burden of managing each point-to-point integration, relationships, communications and onboarding.

  • Speed time to market

  • Reduce complexity

  • Lower costs

  • Immediately connect to all network entities


Oxlo IntegrateOnce™

Oxlo IntegrateOnce™ provides the most cost-effective solution for streamlining integration and connecting disparate systems. IntegrateOnce validates third-party tools and seamlessly collects, shares and manages data across the enterprise. Patented Oxlo Self Service Integration™ reduces the time to develop and certify integrations between disparate computer systems by up to 70%.

How well does Oxlo IntegrateOnce™ work? A leading Asian manufacturer relied on Oxlo solutions to open 20+ integrations to multiple DSPs across 300 dealerships throughout Canada in record time.