Data Gathering

Once upon a time, valuable public data surrounding the automotive industry had to be painstakingly collected and manually inputted into a database. That meant analysts and finance departments were always behind on competitive data and industry research. The cost for assembling this data was steep. Much of the data went uncollected.

In order to help automotive retail sectors better compete, Oxlo devised a data gathering tool that automatically combs websites, associated PDFs and other images related to the industry. Current resources are formatted and digitized in an easily accessible online library for analysts to examine wherever and whenever it’s convenient. Now that’s a happy ending!


Oxlo DataXtractor

Oxlo DataXtractor™ automates data aggregation, collecting unstructured data from public sources, such as websites, PDFs and images. It converts unstructured and unconsumable data into a formatted, addressable repository for more effective processing and analyses.


A leading provider of data for the auto industry relies on Oxlo DataXtractor to tap the latest industry data, including finance rates, inventory and other key metrics.