ebMS MSH.NET v2 Powers Oxlo Systems Open Dealer Integration Network (ODIN) for Automotive ebXML

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Automotive News - Broomfield, Colorado – Mar. 30, 2017 – Oxlo Systems Inc., the owner and operator of ODIN™, the Open Dealer Integration Network for the automotive industry, announces Oxlo’s ebXML ebMS MSH.NET v2.0 software has completed Drummond Group Inc. ebMS 4Q16 Interop Certification and is conformant to the Base Profile, the Automotive Retail Profile and the XML Encryption Profile for the ebMS v2.0 specification. .

ebMS v2.0 is a Message Service protocol for reliable Business-to-Business data interchange. ebMS v2.0 adds quality of service features on top of transfer protocols such as HTTP and SMTP. Key qualities of service features include guaranteed delivery, non-repudiation of receipt, and reliable transfer any data type including XML, X12, EDIFACT, or binary data between two parties over the Internet.

Software developers integrate with ebXML data exchange partners seamlessly using simplified APIs and familiar and modern data exchange technologies like WS and REST.

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