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Auto Dealer Data Integration in Canada Accelerates Using Oxlo ODIN

Auto Dealer Data Integration | Canada | Automotive News

Automotive News - Broomfield, Colorado – Apr. 19, 2016 – Oxlo Systems Inc., the owner and operator of ODIN™, the Open Dealer Integration Network for the automotive industry, announces rapid rollout of strategic auto dealer data integration solutions for multiple leading auto manufacturers in Canada.

"Over the last year we have experienced a significant increase in the adoption of the Oxlo Open Dealer Integration Network," said Gene Brothers, CEO of Oxlo Systems. "Multiple automakers have expanded their use of Oxlo’s ODIN solutions to address a number of goal oriented initiatives in short timelines. The initiatives solve problems ranging from the elimination of legacy technologies at the auto dealer, to launching new data integration processes, to rapidly onboarding and certifying DSP solutions for auto dealer data integration."

"Giving the automakers the tools and in-place network connections that allow them to rapidly adjust to large scale DSP market changes has already proven successful in ..."

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OXLO IntegrateOnce™ Simplifies Exchange Participation for Health Insurers

Health Insurance News - BROOMFIELD, Colo – July 23, 2012 - When the Affordable Care Act established health insurance exchanges – centralized databases to allow individuals and small businesses to compare health plans – OXLO Systems, a Colorado-based Software as Service company, recognized that data integration between insurers and exchange partners were going to be complex and time consuming. OXLO responded by creating...Continue reading on Oxlo Health Insurance Solutions website

Health Insurance Exchange Application Integration Whitepaper to Help Insurers

Health Insurance News - BROOMFIELD, Colo - Apr 9, 2012 - Oxlo Systems Inc., a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides business intelligence and information technology for the health care industry, has partnered with ACA-Solutions, Inc., a consulting firm formed to help health insurance companies comply with the Affordable Care Act, to release a white paper entitled "A Rapid Adaptation Strategy for Integrating with Health Insurance Exchanges."The 32-page paper was written to help health insurance executives clearly understand...Continue reading on Oxlo Health Insurance Solutions website

OXLO Systems Releases Health Insurance Plan Benefits & Pricing Across US

Health Insurance News - BROOMFIELD, Colo – Mar 13, 2012 – Oxlo Systems Inc., a Software as Service company that provides market intelligence for a variety of industries, has announced the availability of comprehensive competitive information about health insurance plan benefits and pricing data for all 50 states. According to the company, this data is aggregated and normalized to provide "apples to apples" comparisons to help...Continue reading on Oxlo Health Insurance Solutions website

Health Insurance Transparency Solution from Oxlo Helps Insurance Plans

Health Insurance News - BROOMFIELD, Colo - Oct 11, 2011 - Oxlo Systems Inc., joins America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) as an affiliate organization member. Oxlo provides strategic individual health insurance rates and benefits transparency solutions, data and services to Health Plan sales, marketing and competitive intelligence teams...Continue reading on Oxlo Health Insurance Solutions website