Ford Optimizes and Expands Warranty Data Feeds Using Oxlo SaaS Software

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Automotive News - Broomfield, Colorado – Aug 3, 2015 – Oxlo Systems Inc., the owner and operator of ODIN™, the Open Dealer Integration Network for the automotive industry, announces Ford Motor Company Emerging Market Services has selected Oxlo's saas software to enable timely registration of extended warranty service plans that have been sold by auto dealers across the globe.

The project, a collaboration between Ford IT and Oxlo Systems, leverages Oxlo's industry proven saas software to optimize an existing integrated data feed and position Ford to easily expand Emerging Market Services to countries that are not currently able to register the plans. The saas software solution, Oxlo’s Open Dealer Integration Network, accepts 3rd party warranty data feeds and performs pre-processing and data transformation prior to submission to Ford. The optimized business process includes warranty status responses provided by Ford and converted by ODIN.

Additionally, the Ford EMS support team will use Oxlo's ODIN™ for Ford EMS...

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