Helping Automotive Retail Connect, Analyze and Manage


OEMs, dealerships and dealer software providers face a rapidly changing marketplace and increased customer expectations. Oxlo automotive retail software solutions help automotive retail innovate to tap powerful business intelligence, grow revenue, improve the customer experience, aggregate data and ensure seamless integration across the enterprise.


Want more effective planning and better customer loyalty for your dealership?

Learn about powerful business analytics that fuel informed decision making. As a partner in the creation of the Microsoft Automotive Accelerator, we can help.

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Is your DMS integration falling short?

Enable better customer care by creating uniform customer records across your OEM or dealership.

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Do you need access to multiple DMSs?

Speed time to market, reduce complexity and lower development costs for your software systems.

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Wish you could automate tedious data collection for your reporting and predictive analytics?

Meet an aggregation tool that does the work for you.

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Enterprise Data Management

Future-proof your dealership, grow revenue and improve the customer experience


Data Integration Tools

Seamlessly share data across your retail sales channel


Data Gathering

Enable business analytics with automated aggregation of industry data